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Marble Surface

 I am a German-born, UK based Actress and Musician and write and produce my own music. My music style can be described as honest Pop that perfectly merges strong opposites of darkness and pink glitter. Combined with haunting angelic vocals.

Haunt You

About me:

I was born in Germany on a Tuesday night during a full moon. I moved to London just before my 22nd Birthday to follow my passion for acting. Although I'v always been musical I never pursued music as a passion. As a child I sang in choir for some time, took some lessons in piano and harp but failed to have the patience to really learn it. I always loved to sing, especially very loud in the car. When I got older I would write some lyrics down to help me work through some feelings, but nothing ever came from it.

When I moved to the UK being so focused on acting, I actually stopped singing for a while, but then 2020 happened. After the first few weeks of lockdown it was hard too keep your sanity and then one late night watching a live performance of Miley Cyrus's Cattitude and D.R.E.A.M. on youtube I got inspired to start writing music, but this time for real, there was so much I wanted to say and express. Because it started out as a project to keep me sane I thought to myself I'll just play around with GarageBand instead of paying a producer, I watched a lot of videos and taught myself how to produce my own songs. I spend the rest of 2020 writing and producing.

At the same time I also met Ámaris Wen though a remote music video shoot, she is a producer and songwriter who gave me so much advice and helped me get my first song Something to Hold on To produced and release ready.

On the 2nd of April my debut single, Something to Hold on To got released. Since then I have released three more songs.

My music can be described as honest and raw alternative-pop, a mixture of fast paced and slow songs, combined with haunting angelic vocals. Including everything from my mental health journey, to a song about the climate crisis to a tragic fantasy love story.

About my Song:

Haunt You is a song that highlights issues that are very important to me. I tried to write many songs about womxns rights, but it was difficult to find the right words. This song initially started out as a Halloween song, however the more lyrics I wrote the more I realised this was the feminist pop song I had been waiting for.

This is an upbeat battle pop song that serves to empower womxn, highlights issues we face every day and the same time it also addresses those who caused harm, reminding them of the horrifying effect they have had and that it's now our turn to Haunt You!

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