• Clara Maria Rose

Something to Hold on To

The story behind my debut Song

This song was created in lockdown and it took me around 10 months to finish it.

The idea started when I was at a very low point and was struggling each day to keep moving. Sometimes I would be in such a dark place that I couldn’t even believe that there were better days ahead or that I ever felt joy. But once the episode had passed I was terrified that it would come back and how I would deal with it.

In some way, I figured out in order for me to not completely get lost when I felt that the sadness came back, was finding something that would keep me afloat and keep me from spiralling, finding a stronger emotion than sadness!

In the beginning, it was that I want to fulfil a purpose and feeling angry, I am so grateful that this helped me because it kept me relatively stable. With that mindset, I was able to rewire some of my thoughts from negative to positive ones, so I wouldn’t need to feel the anger anymore as well.

Writing this song is really about my journey, I would sing it to myself to remind me how far I have come and to keep going. I can proudly say that writing this song helped me so much and I’m at a much much better place. I hope by sharing this song and the story behind it I can inspire others. Because mindset matters, changing your mindset can be hard but if you stick to it, if you focus on more positive thoughts (without ignoring your true emotions of course) you can have a more joyful life!

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