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Will We Grow Old

Updated: Jul 17

An honest pop song about the climate crisis

Will We Grow Old is a pop song about the climate crisis that asks the ultimate question of our younger generations will we live to see old age? What will the quality of life be like? Does it make sense to even have dreams? Study for a career if it will be all taken away from us? “ Will we Grow Old, Will we die young, Why should we dream, If we don’t have long”

This song combines feelings of anxiety helplessness and grief.

“More than 40% of Americans felt “disgusted” or “helpless” about climate change, according to a 2020 survey published by researchers at Yale University.” - The Guardian

Alongside the real drastic change in weather I myself experienced and other events that are taking place worldwide. “Where once was a diverse sea, You find that it’s empty”

This song about the climate crisis is also a message directed at those in more powerful and influential positions who willingly ignore our extinction for short term profits. Maybe because most of these people in question will have passed away peacefully before they could ever be affected, maybe they just don’t care. “High on ignorance” “Deep down you know, You know oh you know”.

Music has an immense effect on our society. It is my goal to encourage you as a listener and fellow guest on this planet to know that we as individuals combined have immense power. By each of us playing to our individual strengths and interest we can create change. Mindset and consistency are key. We all deserve a bright future! You are not alone and your fear and anxiety about our future are valid.

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